BESTSELLER - Skinny Skinny Pad

It's skinny, versatile, and, unsurprisingly, totally fantabulously gorgeous

  • This is your new favourite product.  A skinny shopping list notebook which you just love.  Since these went live at Top Drawer Trade Show, we haven't been able to print these fast enough!
  • This skinny pad, designed by Comme Glom, can be used for phone notes, todo's, shopping lists or little love notes.  ( Ok the love notes was a stretch too far wasn't it.  Fine, you may also use this for passive aggressive notes to your housemates/ partner saying- it's your turn to buy the loo roll dick!)
  • Glued at the top, every page is a Comme Glom of unusual design elements, oh so many colours, and textures.
  • Paper is recycled and 80gsm
  • Printed in the UK - of course.  No China ever for us!
  • These pictures are just a few of the pages in the book, you've got to buy it to see more!
  • Pack size - 1.  The image at the front is to show the many pages, not the quantity.
Free delivery to the UK.  Delivery takes up to 2 days.


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