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Shine Bright Like A Diaaaaamond Iridescence Skinny Pencil Case

If Rihanna had a pencil case, we are pretty sure it would be this.  Or a designer handbag.  Not sure.  Ok, let's go again.  If old school Rihanna, the one pre Umbrella had a pencil case, you can bet your juicy behind it would be an iridescent skinny one.  For sure. 

The outside is a beautiful Iridescent patent,  inside- it's just big enough to hold a few pens, a tampon or two, a lip liner, and a pair of tweezers- for plucking those awkward wirey hairs you feel on your chin when you're concentrating real hard at work.    Perfect!
What is it made out of? Material: PVC
What is it?  A Pencil Cases & Bags
How long will it take to arrive? Delivery: 3 days
How big is it? Length (cm): 19 cm Width (cm): 5 cm Height (cm): 6 cm

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