What the hell have I eaten today- Food Journal

Track what you eat, and when.  

Look, we all have those days when all you eat is beige.   Like for every meal.  And that's fine.  We not going to say they shouldn't happen.  Because, quite frankly, we aren't one of those wellness tossers who ram it down your neck, and leave a nasty taste in your mouth ( which previously had tasted of wonderful Brownie).

But, we wanted to design something that helped you when you don't fancy eating just beige. 

This food journal helps you map what you are going to eat and when, and approximate calories. 

So you can keep on track with your goals, and feel, tip top, tit knob, perfect.

More info:

  • Monthly food journal, made by Comme Glom

  • Track what you are eating, what you plan to eat, and when

  • 1 day to a page 

  • Undated- you write on the top of the page what day you are on, so you can start whenever you like

  • 30 food diary pages

  • 4 weekly check in pages- so you can monitor progress and what you want to build upon

  • Keep a log of approximate calories so you can manage your day better

  • Each page is different but surrounded by healthy food, tasty imagery, and lots of patterns, colours and textures

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