Patterned Daily Schedule Planner

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Take control of your life, day by day!

We all know someone who just bosses life.  Not only do they work, they go to the gym, they wash their hair, USE A COMB to gently tease the knots out and straighten it.  Their kids have a bulging diary of activities, and arrive on time, in kits that are clean.  Their nails are manicured, and more than that - they don't cut them with the kitchen scissors, and hack at their cuticles.  They hand wash items that say you need to hand wash them and they don't have a chair in the bedroom that just stores stuff that's too clean for the wash basket, too dirty for the wardrobe.

Chances are these people use our Daily Schedule to plan their days, in half hourly slots.  Achieving oh so much more than us mere mortals could ever dream of.

  • Pages have days of the week on and are split into half hourly slots.
  • Running from 6am - Midnight
  • Simply plan what you are doing throughout the day, to keep on track with what you have to do and when
  • Days run from Monday - Sunday- so even your weekends can be productive.  ( or you can block out the whole day to sitting in bed, watching crap TV - we don't judge)
  • Paper is recycled, ink is responsibly sourced
  • Designed by the ever talented Comme Glom Design Team
  • This design is paired back and sophisticated.
  • Patterned designs
  • If you have one of our notebooks ( link here) this pad is exactly the same size.
  • 230mm x 180.
  • Designed and printed in the UK.

This pad can be used for 12 weeks ( if used every day).  This is the perfect length of time for a habit to form, and for you to emerge into an organised little being.  Rivalling Sandy and her life bossing!

If slightly paired back designs are more of your jam, this schedule is also available in plain white.

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