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Not At All Corporate Business Cards

It will be remembered, looked at, and who knows what else?

Business cards are so readily given out at trade shows and in business, but honestly they just go to the back of your drawer, gather dust, and slowly die.  If you're lucky, the business card you've given out might be used as an impromptu toothpick to get a bit of black pepper out of their teeth.

But, one things for sure - business cards are rarely used for the reason you gave it out - to get business and make connections.


Well we think it's because they all look the same. There's nothing for people to remember.  There's no reason for them to look at your card again.

So we've redesigned the humble corporate business card.


  • This card has been printed both sides.  Side 1 - funny corporate jargon.  Slide 2- your information.
  • It has designed for you to fill in and personalise.
  • Contains section for your name, role, telephone number, email, social handles.  
  • Writing this information on either when you give the person your card, or before makes it feel personal to them.
  • The other witty slogans and captions makes this card stand out amongst the sea of corporate


  • Multiple different designs and slogans
  • A sleeve so you can store your cards
  • Free delivery.
  • Recycled premium stock
  • Bright colours that stand out

Great for independent businesses, creatives, designers and sole traders. 

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