Large Desk Todo List Pad

An A3 visually delightful todo list pad - great for your desk

We've created a pad of paper which fits perfectly on your desk - pop your keyboard on it, take your rings off and pop them on the pad, and set to work.  And then when something pops into your head, be it a phone number or a todo, you've got a super large pad to write it on.

  • Every page is totally unique.  Above are just some of the pages.
  • This design focusses on colour and patterns.  It's been designed for you to use it however you like.  No lines, only space.  So carve it up, or add some lines, or scribble wherever
  • Surround your notes with beauty
  • Beautiful 120gsm paper
  • Printed on one side
  • Glued at the top.  When you've finished a page, simply rip it off and start a new sheet
  • Size is A3 - so it's super large and great to add colour and practicality to your desk
  • 50 pages - so this will last you a long time!

Delivery will take no more than 2 days.  This product is designed by Comme Glom.  Anything but humble stationery.

Collections: Notebooks

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