Desk Goals Now Desk Reality - A5 Framed Pad

Your notes are powerful.  Frame them in a mini pad which make them look totally gorgeous.

  • We believe when you love something ( like you will love each of these pages) you write better notes, and care about why you're making the note.  Because really, you won't want to write down boring notes on these pages.
  • 80 page unique Comme Glom designed A5 pad.
  • Perfect for a on the go notebook / jotter.
  • So popular on instagram with fashion influencers- you will have seen the pages they've been instagramming.
  • Each page in the pad is totally unique.  EVERY page.  
  • It's another Comme Glom, instantly badass cult product.
  • Lots of space to write, but also lots of space for you to be inspired by the frame and our craft.  One of the pages even has a little koala on. How can you not love that?
  • Most of these designs are unlined so you can use it for a variety of notes.
  • Designed for you to use however you see fit.  We love the idea that you can use it as paper for letter writing, or a pad for your daily notes.
  • Each page is an explosion of pattern, texture and unusual elements which will make you smile.
  • Simply write on the page, rip off and either stick on your notice board, frame or post.
  • The paper is totally gorgeous.  120gm recycled.  Perfect for fountain pens, and those awkward rollerballs that tend to flood the pages.
  • This pad makes a great gift - although we can't promise that you will want to give it away.

Delivery info : We will dispatch this within a day.  Delivery might take up to 2 days.

We ship internationally.

This product is also available in a large A4 size.

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