Clashy Red and Black Vibrant Cushions

  • 2 vibrant red and black cushions
  • Thick, gorgeous, premium fabric.
  • One side of the cushion is red and cream, one side black and cream.
  • You can decide how you like them styled
  • Work great as a pair scattered on a sofa or bed
  • Designed and made by Comme Glom
  • These do not contain a zip so there is no ugly bottom part of the cushion you have to hide.  

These cushions have been made by Comme Glom to be "sisters", not "twins".  What does that mean?  Well, traditional cushions that you see have either the same front and back.  Or they have a very clear front, and a really plain back which you wouldn't want to show.  Ours aren't like that.  They are different on both sides and come as pairs.  They create less of a matchy matchy aesthetic and are designed to clash, but compliment each other. 

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