Grumpy Cat Notebook Bag

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If you're anything like us, your fingers and hands contain at all times a myriad of fake tan, make up and sugar from eating too many Haribo.
This means that your work keyboard looks a state, your phone screen is smudged and orange, and your car visor, well, let's not get into how that looks. 
Let's at least protect your precious Comme Glom Anything But Humble Notebook. 
This is a fabric protective sleeve, that's big enough for your notebook, phone, some pens, and important paper.  It looks pretty snazzy too!
  • Zip fastening.  So your papers remain safe
  • Fashionable design - stands out in your handbag/ backpack.
  • Keeps documents safe, sound, and stylish.

At Comme Glom, we collab with some of the very best brands who create some of the very best bad ass stationery accessories. 

We love this little bad boy, and think it looks just swell with a Comme Glom Anything But Humble Notebook.

Click below on a discount deal to add a notebook to you trolley too.


Length - 32cm / Width - 24cm

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