Black Turquoise Candle- Unbranded

Bright, clashy, unusual coloured, hand poured unbranded Soy Candle. 

  • Turquoise hand poured soy candle
  • Plain black pot
  • Clashing purple fragrance chips throughout the candle
  • Wooden wick - produces a small flame which flickers- not like a traditional candle, but crackles when lit
  • Creates an ambience and zen feel
  • Approx 40 hour burn time.  ( Not that you're going to check!)
  • Comes in presentation box.
  • Fragrance is a mixture of Orange, Watermelon, Basil and wine!
  • Looks great in any home
  • Hand Poured in London.
  • Soy Candle Wax- produces a lovely white flame and it's good for the environment.
  • Scent throw for these candles are strong!  You will smell them for hours after burning.  

How do our candles work?

  • Comme Glom candles are a conglomeration of different smells which help eradicate smelly odours in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.
  • The little wax chips at top clash contain a stronger fragrance so when burning the candle, your senses are alert and you keep smelling the candle.
  • Avoiding fragrance fatigue!  

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