Hello you naughty rascal* enthusiastic waves! Just to let you know uk delivery is free and rest of world is after £40. kisses x

Be Spiky & Sassy - Cactus Pen

Know who really stole your pen at work with this distinctive, but borderline completely unusable, cactus shaped biro.  High quality. Highly distinctive.  Cool stationery.


  • Doesn't die - look, we know cacti are supposed to be easy to look after?  THEY STILL DIE ON US!!?!?
  • Helps you be one of those cool people with lots of random rubbish on your desk that when thrown together looks impactable badass.
  • A talking point and possible conversation starter for work crush to talk to you. "That's a cool pen, can I try it?"

When will it arrive?  6 days tops

What's it made out of? Plastic.  This is not a real cactus.

How many in a pack?  Just one.  

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