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Big Bad Banana Ruler/ Bookmark

Rulers.  Those things that you used to make your parents buy for you every year at school, but would never use.

Rulers.  Those things that measure stuff, but are just all so boring and plastic and straight.  

One of the things we love about our Comme Glom Notebooks is the fact that you don't have to write in them from a linear, left to right fashion.  Oh, that's so old school.  If we get forced to attend a meeting ( Which is rare) we pick up our book, open it at any page, and just start writing.  So a bookmark can be a useful bit of kit.  We've selected this banana bookmark, because well, it's high quality, a bit of fun, and anything but traditional.
How long till I can get it? - Delivery- 1 week. 
What's it made outta? - Material: Stainless Steel
What actually is it? Type: Ruler/ Bookmark
How long?- Length (cm): 18.3 cm - we used a ruler to tell us the length of this ruler.  Crazy ey!
How wide? - Width (cm): 1.4 cm - again- ruler told us the dimensions...!

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