Our Ethos

Why we're here, and transforming the Stationery world.

For 12 years I worked advertising, working on brands like Audi, BA and Vodafone.  It was long days; long, long, long meetings and lots of work.  In the hectic, ever changing world of the clients I worked on, my notebook became my most important companion.  If it wasn't written down - love, it just wasn't getting remembered by this brain of mine.

I became fixated about finding THE perfect notebook. I looked around for ones that looked cool, and helped me remember stuff, but it just wasn't there. Rather than settle for the status quo, I decided to do something about it and, in August 2018, we launched Comme Glom, the only store a true stationery fanatic needs in their life..

How we do things, a little less than ordinary.

To us, stationery should be fun, reflective of your style, and the kind of note you are taking.  It shouldn't only be about lined paper, and a naff slogan on the front..

This is how we break it down:


You won't labour through our store. We hope you'll be so inspired by the constant newness and designs on every page you might even let out an excited eeeek. We've curated meaningful collections that reflect your own sense of style and type of note you might be making.

We continuously strive for the Comme Glom experience to be anything but ordinary, from the website to your door. The team are bend-over-backwards helpful & here to help 8am-10pm, 365 days a year. We love chatting to you via Instagram DM, our website or Facebook. 

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Always style and substance.  Anything but ordinary stationery.

We work with some of the bet designers who create products and pages which you just can't wait to start writing on.  We'll only create design-led and genuinely useful products, which are unlike anything else that's made by other stationery brands.  That means there is no calligraphy quotes.  No llamas and no watermelons on anything we create.  We set the trends for you, rather than follow the rest. 


Anything but humble storytellers.

We think outside the box.  We transform the humble, unloved and often undesired into something that feels more than a little special.  More than a little unusual, and anything but everyday.


I'd always said to myself if I ever started a business I'd also always do business in a nice way; I'd only ever sell things I'd want on my own desk. 


  • Your notes are important.  Your notebook is home to your biggest thoughts, aspirations and todo's.  They should be celebrated.
  • Your notes should be remembered.  That's why all our designs are sticky- to help with recall and memorability.
  • Nice girls finish first - so always do the right thing and be nice, to customers, suppliers and each other.
  • We will continuously listen to what you want- and try wherever possible to make the products you suggest we do.
  • Style and substance can coexist, so great quality, design-led & genuinely useful things are all we'll ever sell.
  • Having a new business is hard- we won't gloss over the hard points, and seek to inspire other small business badasses.
  • In taking responsibility - we continually strive to lessen the impact we have on the environment.


We're so excited you've found us!

We love creating anything but ordinary stationery and accessories, and love the little community we are building of customers who love our products and vibe.  If you like surrounding yourself with practical, but darn attractive bits and bobs, sign up to our newsletter.  Pretty please. 

Come join us!