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Frequently Asked Questions

It's ok.  There's no such thing as a silly question.  Below are the ten most frequently asked questions we've been asked by customers, friends and those who don't like us at all.  

If these don't answer your query, no biggy.  We're on email.  On facebook chat and on whatsapp.  We probably won't answer the phone if you call us.   But you knew that already.  A fan of Comme Glom wouldn't talk on the phone either.  

E - hello@commeglom.com  // F - @commeglom  // M - +447931 153 220


"What on earth does the name COMME GLOM mean?"

Sure it sounds a little like "Condom" if you say it fast.

But the name Comme Glom actually comes from that fact that our notebooks, journals and everything else we touch, are a conglomeration of different paper, patterns, colours and textures.

And what are notebooks use for - communicating actions, distractions, todo's and not to do's.  So Comme - communication, and Glom - an assortment, seamlessly together.

"Why do you only release your notebook in cycles? Can I get my hands on a previous version?"

Our notebooks are printed in tiny print runs so they remain reflective of culture, design and are a tastemaker for the stationery industry.  We want to set the trends, not follow them. 

And you want the same.  You're interested in our books because they are different.  Because Sheila from Accounts doesn't have one.  Because they are as unique, special, and badass as you.

And no, once they are gone, they are gone gone.  You can Kim K ugly cry all you want.  We won't budge.  Shoulda be quicker.!

"Who have you designed your notebooks for?"

Um, this is awkward. You.  

What have we gotta do, to get you to see we do everything for you? You gorgeous little thing.

We're here trying to make eye contact with you, fluttering our stubby little eyelashes, trying to do a little dance to a Drake song, and look all desirable, just hoping you will notice us. 

We've made our books for you.  It's always been you. And it always will be you.

Damn Drake makes us go real deep with emotions.  Do apologise.

"Can you explain Comme Glom's ethical creds?"

Of course.

We love this darn planet. So being ethical is just fused into our DNA.  

If you think about it, most of the time, you don't give a rats arse about your notebook, so it becomes this disposable thing.  You write a note here, and there, and then loose it.  You don't particularly feel a stirring in your knickers about the paper, so the notes you make are terrible.

We've made something different.  Ethically sourced paper. Printed in London. 100% vegan.

But deeper than that.  People who use our books love them. And this makes them anything but disposable, and the notes you make, more considered, more constructive, more inspired.  

Read some of our testimonials

"Who came up with Comme Glom?"

This chick on the left, who looks a bit like a poor version SJP and that Steffi Graf tennis player -  Laurie.

Why did she design a range of anything but humble notebooks? Well - 

Just like Kim K when she lost her diamond earring in the sea, Laurie was about to epically loose it if she was forced to buy another overly girly, badly produced notebook that was dripping in cactus’, watermelon and slogans about dreaming big.   

So she designed something she would want to use.  And it just so happens that other people want to use it too.

"How quickly do you ship? And to worldwide?"

The good news- we ship globally.   

We ship all orders the next business day at the latest.

We pack the books in nice old matt black padded envelopes - to make sure they arrive safely and promptly.  They rarely require a signature upon delivery, and can usually fit inside the post box, unless you postman is a dick.

International shipping is £10 and will take approximately 5 days longer. International buyers may be liable for duty and taxes which are set by local customs. For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Read our shipping page

"What can I write in my notebook?"

Oh my, you can't ask us that. 

We can help with one thing though... Our books are split into chapters so you could choose to have a chapter on all different things that you want to write about.

One chapter- recipes ( pah!) 

One chapter - todos

One chapter - finance ( zzzz)

One chapter- passwords - how are we as humans meant to remember 4 million passwords.  It's obscene.

Read this blog post for more ideas

"Can I design for you?"

The short answer - yes perhaps. 

We currently have two designers on the team, so let's see about making it three!

Our designers largely work with us on a project basis. 

We would love to team up with designers who fancy curating their own chapter.  Drop us an email on - hello@commeglom.com and let's chat about your portfolio and next steps.

"Where can I buy a book in you know, real life?"

We are currently available in a few boutiques ( mainly fashion and homeware stores) across the UK.  We love the fact that customers can experience our bad ass quality in reaaaalll life.

Please come back shortly when we will have a lovely interactive map telling you where you can find our stockists.

"How do I know you are legit, and not a scam company?"

We are legit.  Fo sho.  We promise, promise you. ( Think about it would a scam company really look this random?  Would they reallllly make a notebook with pizza titties on one of the page? You know the answer is no)


If you are worried about any of the information you find on here though, please take a look at our Terms page, or reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram.

"Who is your favourite Kardashian?"

POW.  What a question.  

Kris "You're doing great sweetie" Jenner/ Kardashian.  Bible.  Hang on, what surname is Kris using now?  

"Are your books reaaally as cool as you say?"

Firstly, wow. You've read the longest page in history.  That is some dedication you have.  It basically deserves a naughty discount code just to say- big up your dedication - enter code "ireadthewholepage30" for 30% off your order.


And yes. Our books really are as cool as we say they are.  But don't just take our word for it.  Check out some of the reviews we've had on each of our notebooks.