About Our Anything But Ordinary Stationery

My aim since starting Comme Glom has been to redefine the way we make notes; making you productive, better styled and pushing your notes and ideas beyond just paper.  
But let's just backtrack a little.


I've always made my own notebooks. Sketching patterns on the boring lined pages, ripping out pages, patterns and cool images from magazines and sticking them on.   I liked the fact that they stood out in the world of plain and boring and slogans. I guess it always surprised me that we weren't putting more attention and love into the most important bit - AKA - the place you write your notes, biggest dreams, hopes and desires. 

Unbeknown to me, was that my handmade notebooks started to help me be more productive.  What I started to find was that I remembered meetings and their notes because I could recall the notes had been written on a page with a glued in giant frog on.


Gradually, as my design skills got better, people would ask me where my notebook was from.  And soon this started to happen a lot. So I did something brave, and pressed print on a notebook I designed.  ( I've skipped a lot of steps here searching for printers, and being incredibly patient with my questions and below par pdfs) The first trial edition sold out.  Then it sold out again.  Then I thought, oh to hell with it - Let's go big and start a bad ass stationery company called Comme Glom. 

( Again i've missed out parts here about staying up for nights on end worrying, having to borrow money from anyone and everyone because cash flow was so bad, a big helicopter crash, and lots of people telling me I was truly insane starting a "paper" business when we are all "diiiiiigggggital" now.)


"ooooh what's that?"
"That page is perfect for this note!"

"That page is too nice for such a boring note"

I'm so excited you've found us and can't wait to hear what you think! 

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Love Laurie 



We're so excited you've found us!

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