Hello you naughty rascal* enthusiastic waves! Well you're in for a treat. A cool stationery delight. An extravaganza you might say.

Our Christmas Collection

Ding Dong Melanie Got High Christmas Card(s)

Not suitable for your uptight Aunt Melanie.

A bespoke Comme Glom design.  Ding Dong Melanie Got High cross stitch Christmas card.  

  • A5 Christmas card
  • Mirror Silver envelope
  • Printed on gorgeous thick recycled stock
  • Sold individually, in single packs of 8 or mixed packs with different designs.

Because if you have to send out a card it may as well be reflective of your style.  We can help.

Sold individually or as packs of 8.  Delivery takes 1-2 days.

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