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This Desk Pad will enhance any crappy work day, & desk!

This desk jotter is a work of art, that you just happen to be able to write on.  Ultimate #deskgoals - each pad contains 40 pages of unique artwork, which not only makes your desk look AMAZING, but all those things you need to remember to do, can now be remembered and done! 

It's less structured than some of our pads, which means you can write anywhere - over the pages, over the art, wherever you like.  The large size is perfect for sitting your laptop on. 

We have ours sitting next to our computer, underneath our laptop, and think it's great for jotting down telephone numbers and urgent jobs. With each page featuring another completely new design you won’t mind your todo list piling up so you get to start a new page! 


  • 40 unique page desk pad
  • Size- A3
  • For your desk at home, at work, or by the phone!
  • 10 unique pages.  We don't want to spoil the surprise and show you all of the designs, but here are some of the pages!
  • Glued at the top, just write, and then peel off the next page. 
  • Glue is vegan friendly. Paper is of course ethically sourced. And locally printed! 
  • Printed on 170gsm luxury white paper.  Recycled obviously and gorgeous to write on.
  • Artwork is typical Comme Glom style- lots of random patterns, illustrations and anything but ordinary graphics.
  • Limited edition print run. 
  • Printed in London, UK


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