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Clear Water Bottle With Vitamin Storage Box

We're dabbling at taking vitamins every day, and couldn't be without this water bottle!



  • This plastic bottle has an attached little vitamin, or medicine tablet holder on it's side so you don't have to carry around those bulky vitamin tubs around all day. 
  • The bottle holds up to 700ml of water, so refill this twice and you've already smashed your 8 glasses a day goal.  
  • The predominate colour for this bottle is blue
  • Each compartment holds approximately 8 tablets.
  • Great for gym goers, health phanatics, or those of us who are so paranoid come winter that we will catch a cold we take EVERYTHING.
  • Bottle lid secures the water tightly.
  • Due to the popularity of this item it will take up to 1 week to arrive.
  • This product isn't made by Comme Glom- we work closely with the supplier to provide the coolest homewares out there.
  • Also available in other colours

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