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Extremely Eye Catching Wall Art

2019 Pink Pattern Wall Calendar ( multiple sizes)

Cool enough to look at for 365 days

If you're going to put a wall calendar up, you've gotta make sure it's eye-catching, beautiful and something you're happy looking at for a year.
      • 220 gsm quality paper.
      • Printed using UV inks cured beneath a UV lightbar.
      • Patterned 2019 top
      • Printed in A2 on recycled paper.
      • Matte paper so you can write on key events in the year. ( We suggest a biro) 
      • Every month shows the weekend and days of the week.
      • Designed by Comme Glom.  Anything but ordinary designs.
      • This design features a Comme Glom ( conglomeration) of patterns - inspired by the colours of the year ahead.
      • Available in lots of sizes- perfect for any space

Beautiful wall art that just happppens to be a yearly Calendar.  12 months.  7 days a week.  

Don't you want this in your office, or home, like NOW!

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