Stationery just got cool

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Stationery just got cool

Not a Rose Gold Calligraphy slogan in sight.  ABOUT. TIME. We say.

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Comme set out a few weeks ago, perhaps it was months ago now, with one aim.  To create a range of notebooks that were anything but the norm.
We wanted to counter the outdated thinking imposed by the stationery industry for women in particular, and showcase the power of where your notes can take you.

A look at the current High Street offering shows how outdated many brands still are, in the products they market for women.

With 80% of notebooks available containing a slogan, one must ask if the following are truly representative of our wants, desires, business and personal development goals?   “I’m a Girl Boss”, “I’m Beautiful, Sexy, Sassy”, “I’m actually a mermaid” “Today I’m a unicorn” or our personal favourite “I’m a pineapple because I wear a crown and am sweet on the inside” are but a few currently available for women to buy on the high street.
Who really thinks they are a pineapple, and crucially who really wants it printed on their notebook?  
With just one edition released so far ( link to current edition here) and many more designs ready to go, we hope you can see we have transformed the humble, naff slogan laden notebook, into an inspiring environment that makes your words look, immaculately styled, painfully witty and crucially a creative invigorator.

Taking inspiration from movements like Jameela Jamil's “I Weigh” movement, new, we're shaking up the stationery industry, and their outdated perception of women.  We've created a range of stationery which puts more value on the note environment, than the cover.  Naff slogans which neither excite, inspire or reflect the “real you” have been banished. Along with rose gold calligraphy ( who decided we had to love calligraphy) and boring lined paper. 

Believing that notebooks remain one of the most important place to record your goals, actions, distractions and everything in between,  our notebooks are ethically sourced, released in limited editions and have artwork on every page.  Each page is totally unique from the page before, and the page after.  Designed to unlock creativity, help with recall, and reflect the range of notes we need to take on a day by day basis.  
Finally a suitable home your notes and the notable, with no talk of #girlbossing #slaying or a cactus in sight.
Feeling more like an artbook to write in, pages in the current 148 page edition include pizza tits, dumplings for days, jungle is massive and neon strawberry fields. Comme Glom are brave, vital, brilliant, and doing something completely unlike the rest of the category.
The name- Comme Glom is an abbreviation of ‘Conglomeration'.  With each notebook edition we've collaborated with emerging designers and asked them to design a chapter in the notebook which they would be excited to write on.  They are tasked with turning the mundane, practical and overly girly world into something which champions diversity, inclusion and being different.  The result?  An exciting conglomeration of different pages, different aesthetics, different environments for your notes which we love!
Here's our manifesto:  What do you think?
Comme Glom brand manifesto

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