Is doodling good for you?

August 15, 2018 0 Comments

Is doodling good for you?

Some people like to say that the Comme Glom pages are just pretty, and lack substance.  And to that we say- thank you.  They are ridiculously pretty aren't they?  And challenging.  And surprising. And fun.  But they are actually rooted in science.  Like actual researched professor stuff....

So let's outline the case FOR doodling and writing your notes on pages with pictures alongside them.

We came across this page on THE MUSE ( link here)  which said we are now spending over 50% of our working lives in meetings - writing notes, actions and minutes ( covering our ass usually from that annoying colleague who will blame any little mistake on you in a second).

67% of meetings are deemed a failure.  Either because the structure wasn't there, there was no need for the meeting in the first place or the actions that agreed upon somehow end up in that todo abyss and instantly forgotten post meeting. 


Well, meetings are by and large - boring.  And if you think they aren't you're the one talking too much!  Long monologues, politics and the air of " Oh crap they are soon going to find out i'm rubbish in my job" don't help.

Actions aren't agreed upon, and no one is really is focussing.  

And then you get told off for doodling on your notebook.  

"Focus please"

Well actually, doodling and writing notes on a visual canvas is now finally proven to be a good thing. Traditionally thought of as a sign you aren't concentrating, it actually is a pre-emptive measure to stop you loosing focus. It helps your memories stick, and listen on a deeper level. 

When notes and related concepts can be encapsulated by an image, the brain remembers the information associated with that image. 

So each of our pages when written on will aid your memory.  No more note rummaging.  Remember you wrote that note from that meeting, on that page....

So just think -  if you could remember your todo's - where you've written them, how to find them, and what they are all about- would that help you be more productive?

Just a thought...  Or, we could just stop having so many meetings.  Gahhhh why must everyone talk at the same time?!?

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