FOCUS ON: The Point Of View Pad

July 02, 2019 0 Comments

FOCUS ON: The Point Of View Pad

We've just launched our brand new Point of View Desk pad - in either A5 or A3 so we thought we would take you through:

  • What this delightfully, gorgeous bit of stationery is all about
  • Our inspiration behind the designs ( Yes there's a different design on every page!  What did you expect?! )
  • and our favourite pages.


This pad has been created by our badass Design Team to look like one thing, and one thing only - a birds eye view of your desk.  Complete with scattered chewing gum, pens, paper and post it notes- EVERYWHERE - because really, no desk is complete without a load, and we mean a load, of post it notes.  ( If you are a fan of Comme Glom we just know, try as you like, you aren't one of those tidy desk people.


It comes in either A3, or A5 ( with a clipboard ) so depending on the size you get, they will have different uses.

Point of View Pad

A3- The Big Beast.   

Place your keyboard on top.  Pop your phone on the pad, and scribble on the pages every time you have something you need to write down.

A5 - With Clipboard.

Place this pad right by your phone, and never forget something a client has said again....!  This pad is much more portable than the A3 pad so could also be used for on the go notes.

Page spotlight.  Some of our favourite pages.

 Fancy some Sushi?

Creative desk = a creative mind?

 If only every desk looked this pretty....

 Or this pretty as a matter of fact....


This page is calling out for scribbles and mind jumblings all over it.

Love the simplicity of this one.


Grab yours today, and find out which is your favourite page....



( and for a limited time-  each desk pad bought will get a FREE Anything But Humble Notebook. ) wooopa!


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