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What is Comme Glom all about?

July 13, 2018 0 Comments

What is Comme Glom all about?

5 Principles we LIVE by over at Comme Glom.  If it doesn't tick all 5, it's not happening.  How about you?  What're your guiding principles?


We aren't constrained by the traditional.  The humble.  The " this is how it's always been thinking". We are optimised and challenging of the status quo.  Every notebook on the market has to have simple lined paper? We're here to, politely, disagree.  And create something that's far from polite.  Can't scribble over the lines and between the lines?  Disagree.


Every page turn an adventure and an experience. Exciting you to write better notes.  To unlock your creativity.  To not just be one of the same.


Everything we do puts you firmly in the spotlight.  Your notes.  Your ideas.  Your dreams.  Your inspirational quotes.  We want to make your dreams look immaculately styled, painfully witty and totally gorgeous. 


Narcissistic, perhaps, but we want to strive for EVERYTHING we do to invite looks, stares, envy and downright jealousy from others.  We want to kit you up with the coolest gear, make you feel badass and then unleash your mite to the world.


There's too much seriousness in the world.  There's too many brands which exclude, rather than include.  And, that's never fun. We want to create an environment which allows for your personalisation, which sparks some debate and always delights.  We want to add a little flip onto the mundane, and make you smile.  

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A Comme Glom of New Things We Love - Nov
A Comme Glom of New Things We Love - Nov

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  • Are they bright, clashing and anything but ordinary?
  • Are they great quality and made by other wonderfully talented people?
  • Is this something that you 100% cannot get on the high street?
  • Is it a flip on something mundane and kinda ordinary?

Only then do we....

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