Before you buy, a series of disclaimers...

August 24, 2018 0 Comments

Before you buy, a series of disclaimers...

Before we start, and you even contemplate buying one of our notebooks, I ask that you brave a series of unfortunate disclaimers. They might stop you making an unnecessary purchase.

    • If you can't get enough rose gold and calligraphy in your life, smothered on your walls, emblazoned on your wrists, bought from Pandora ( other brands are available) - stop reading now.  WE AREN'T THE BRAND FOR YOU.
    • If you think phrases like "Dream Big" "I'm a girl boss" "Be a unicorn" are inspirational - stop reading now.  WE REALLY BADLY, AREN'T THE BRAND FOR YOU.
    • If images of pizza slices positioned over boobies offend you, Comme Glom is decidedly not for you. 
    • We unfortunately happen to pride ourselves with phallic, sometimes suggestive images, thats that feel a little naughty, and are anything but the norm.  I mean - here's an image of an edition coming soon.  Find it offensive, childish, downright RUDE- WE AREN'T THE BRAND FOR YOU.

    • If you want to record note after note meticulously, and regularly find yourself with 'hand ache' after a meeting - WE AREN'T THE BRAND FOR YOU.
    • And finally, if you have a specific note taking pen, doll, I mean this as nicely as possible.  But please.  WE AREN'T THE BRAND FOR YOU.
And, do you know what?  That's ok.  We aren't sorry. We aren't apologetic.  And, more importantly neither should you be.  We just don't vibe right.  Like melted chocolate on a pizza.  Both by themselves, wonderful, but together, just ain't working.  We aren't right for you.  You aren't right for us. Let's not get bitter and write an angry rap track, or do a Caitlyn Jenner style interview to Pierce Morgan.

If you're still reading.  Ok.  You've got through the first hurdle.  I'm obliged to now issue another warning.  

Our notebooks are not ordinary.  And as a result.  Neither will your notes be.

I know, I know, believe me, I know.  Lots of people have said this to you before.  Even when their piece of shit notebook arrived, fell to pieces, reeked of cheap production, and was anything but the creative unlocker those bastards told you it would be, you were still told, they weren't ordinary.

But, i'm confident, as as someone who is anything but confident about 99% of life, this means I must know something, that our anything but humble notebooks will not carry the same fate.  

You see, we want to celebrate the scrappy note taker.  The girl who one minute records notes with a Mont Blanc pen, the next minute a liquid eyeliner, the next page a random bit of charcoal they've found at the bottom of their bag.

We don't want to celebrate us.  No, we're nothing.  We want to celebrate your notes, your ideas, and that bold maverick bad ass thinking that will achieve GREAT things.  

We want to be a haven for important notes, tall tales and short stories.  From That random podcast you got recommended, to that fricking fantastic fantabulous idea that's guna change the world.  And that reminder to buy tampons and toilet roll on your way home.

We don't think to get creative and inspired you need to be surrounded by quotes, and calligraphy, and mark down in a little box how many glasses of water you've drunk in a day. 

Sure, you CAN use one of our pages for that.  But we don't pretend to know the magic ingredient to success.  So we've just created pages which look nice - and make your words look immaculately styled and painfully witty.

Soza, we can't promise, guarantee and create big billboard ads which say WE ARE THE SECRET.  We just know, it's the inside that matters.  We've created a canvas, you paint the pictures.  Or, because everything comes back to food in our world - how about you think of it like this -  we've given you the eggs, flour, sugar, and baking tins, you just gotta make the cake. 

Now, that reminds me.  It's time for some cake. 

And if you want to pre order our naughty edition- holler on the contact us button here x

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