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Alternate things you can use your notebook for

September 18, 2018 0 Comments

Alternate things you can use your notebook for

So if you're one of our fabulous early adopters and grabbed a Comme Glom notebook, firstly, you're a babe.  We love that you think a little different.  Secondly, you're probably thinking- what can I use it for?  

Infact if you are the owner of any kind of fresh, clean notebook, you probably want to know what you can use it for, other than the traditional boring todo list.  In this short, but sweet blog post we will explain some other uses!

1. Daily tasks page

Ok, so this is sort of like a todo list but why don't you also list other things you want to achieve in the day- not things like eating clean and sorting out washing.  Things like- texting your friend back a message to say how much she means to you, or what you are grateful for today. It makes the todo list much less functional and more emotive to look at.

2. Password page

We're expected to remember so much now- and the rules for setting passwords on each page differs.  Some want a capital, some want no repetition, some want one you haven't used before.  Spend less time resetting passwords by simply having a page in your notebook dedicated to passwords.  Sure, its a bit risky, and you could download an app like - DASHLANE - click- to remember all of these for you, but honestly, who is going to pick up your notebook and steal it.


3. Books to read or movies to watch

A recent study said we spend nearly 20 minutes every time we go onto something like Netflix deciding what to watch. That's mayhem and essentially a whole Friends episode.  So why not write down what you fancy watching when you see either an ad, or get a recommendation, and then, boom...You've just saved 20 mins next time you go on Netflix.

4. Favorite quotes

Write down compliments, quotes and things that make you feel fuzzy, happy and you don't want to forget!

5. Weekly meal planner

We'd like to pretend we're super organised and don't actually end up going to the store 16 times a week because we've forgotten - milk, eggs, cheese, washing tablets.  So if you aren't up for writing down what you need to eat and when throughout the whole week, you could do this- 

Write down the big stuff you need to remember to buy as an when they are starting to run out - like shower gel, cotton buds, hair tyes.

6. Savings tracker / Spending tracker

Recently given up all those coffees out, or spending your wages immediately?  Why not write down how much you're saving to keep you motivated.  And more importantly what you're going to spend all that money you saved on!

7. Workout log


It feels great to work out and start training for something.  Why not write down how you feel after your exercises. Start to think about how your clothes feel, what you're finding hard, what you're absolutely smashing.  You will feel so motivated to look back and see that only a month ago you struggled to run for longer than 3 minutes without a break, and now you're smashing your first 5k!

8. How do I feel log

If you think about it, we are governed by our hormones, yoyoing moods, periods etc etc. It might be helpful to start writing down where you are in your cycle, and how you feel so you can in the future start to better map out your feelings.  "Oooooh so that's why I cried uncontrollably!"

SUMMARY-  Notebooks are your little world to take your thoughts, words and goals for a wander.  Make them an inspiring environment, and have some regular pages that you keep adding to!

What are some pages you always include in yours?

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