6 items you need if you're thinking of starting your own Bullet Journal

October 02, 2018 0 Comments

6 items you need if you're thinking of starting your own Bullet Journal

I have seen a lot of questions from people starting bullet journal and wanting to know what are the absolute must-haves for bullet journaling.  I will keep the budget for this post under £30 and keep the list simple instead of overwhelming you with too many options. That's the problem with starting a new hobby. All too often you're expected to shell out on all these new pieces of kit, costing hundreds, when you don't even know if you like it, and are going to stick to it.   And how are you meant to know what is a good piece of kit and what isn't?  It's confusing to say the least! 

Alright, we will touch upon the notebook at the end, but in the mean time here are other accessories you need!

1.  A decent fineliner pen

I do recommend getting some fine point pens in black.

 Sharpie Fine Point PenStaedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3 mmStabilo point 88 pens set 0.4 mm, and Paper Mate Flair Ultra-Fine Felt Tip Pen are all popular!  

You want to look for a pen that will give you a precise line, and that won't smudge.  You might also like to play around with the colours?

You should be able to pick up 4-8 of these pens (in black) for around £10.

Staedtler Color Pen Set have some wonderful colours too if you want a kit!

2.  A highlighter set

These items are the must-have for me personally for highlighting headers and important bullet items. It definitely helps my journal look a little bit less plain. Here are some examples of highlighter usage from bohoberry.com

The most popular highlighter brand in the market is, hands down, Zebra Midliner. I recommend you get all 15 colours for around £20.

3.  A clear ruler

Because let's face it, no one can draw a straight line.  You have to be precise with bullet journalling.  A clear ruler allows for you to see underneath the page.

4.  Whiteout Tape

You will go wrong - so white out tape is great for forgetting those little mishaps.  But remember- have a little fun with it.  Nothing is REALLY going wrong. Be creative and try to adapt.

Infact as a beginnner you may wish to grab a good pack of whiteout correction tape before you check out.

Finally- the book!

If you're confident with drawing you and being artistic you might want to go for the

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Hardcover Dotted. People are sooo drooling over this notebook. This is also the brand that serves as the official bullet journal notebook. .

However if you don't feel artistic and a blank page freaks you the hell out, why not consider one of our books?  With artwork on every page, we love that you can ADD to our pages and make them even more attractive...  

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